Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Hello, my name is Amulya Boyapati. I am a graduate student currently pursuing Master in Computer Science at University of Illinois, Chicago. I’m passionate about Software engineering, Full Stack Development and Data Science. I am a highly adaptive and flexible individual actively looking for full time opportunity in Software Development where I can leverage my experience, technical expertise, and problem- solving skills and build applications specific to the business needs of the company and help improve the lives of those around me.

I'm a creative, artistic and ambitious with a talent for thinking outside the box. I bring innovative ideas to the table which can be useful in every part of life. I love to solve problems and I enjoy overcoming challenges. I have excellent team spirit and communication skills which enable me to effectively communicate with a wide range of people.



Problem Solving

Data Engineering


Full Stack Development

Software Development




  • Programming: Java, Python, JavaScript, C, PHP, Scala
  • Web Technologies: ReactJS, AngularJS, ExpressJS, NodeJS, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
  • Databases: MySQL, Mongo DB
  • Cloud: GCP (GCS, Compute Engine, Dataflow, Pub/Sub, GCS, Big Query, Data Studio)
  • Tools & Frameworks GIT, Apache Airflow, Adobe XD, Figma, IntelliJ
  • Specalities: SDLC, Requirement Analysis, Object-oriented Design, Machine Learning, Data Engineering



Masters in Computer Science
University of Illinois at Chicago
GPA: 4/4

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering
Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore
GPA: 3.98/4

XII (Higher Secondary)
Sri Chaitanya Junior College, Vijayawada
Score: 97.5%


Work Experience

Software Developer Intern at NielsenIQ Jan 2021- May 2021

    Project: Automated Business Drivers
  • An application that helps the packaged consumer manufacturers to determine the components that affect the sales, such as pricing, distribution, promotion, and advertising, and compare their performance with the competitors.
  • As an intern at NielsenIQ I:
  • Created a data-based framework to read data from multiple sales acquisition channels and analyzed sales activity for 5 years
  • Minimized the use of static fields and custom config files making the application 50 % more dynamic.
  • Created a dynamic visualization platform by using the data from the snowflake using the Angular framework.
  • Actively worked on the orchestration of the application where the application trigger points were reduced from two to a zero-touch application, which reduced the cost of operation by 40 %.

SDE Virtual Intern at JPMorgan Chase & Co. May 2020- June 2020

    As an intern I :
  • Created an interface with a stock price data feed.
  • Used JPMorgan Chase frameworks and tools.
  • Displayed the data visually for traders.

SDE Intern at Cyient Ltd. May 2019- June 2019

  • Involved in a project, road health analytics as an intern.
  • The project aimed to provide innovative mechanism for local governments, municipalities etc. to improve their decision-making capabilities. Uses image processing techniques like object detection and segmentation to identify the road conditions. Mask R-CNN is the architecture used.
  • As an intern at Cyient I:
  • Built a Mask R-CNN architecture to identify the road conditions by object detection and segmentation on satellite imagery feed
  • Was responsible for data collection, training and pre-processing the data and model creation.
  • Used a data set of 300k images over time to analyze the road pictures across different geographic locations in Hyderabad city.
  • Gained exposure to a wide range of models for object detection and testing. Levelled a comparison between the developed working model with the existing models provided me an insight.
  • Gained knowledge about the deep learning industry, their culture, work environment and the ever growing field of software development.

SDE Intern at MSR Cosmos May 2018- June 2018

    As an intern I gained:
  • Exposure to Linux OS and its working.
  • Hands-on experience on one step solution Hadoop for Big Data.
  • Knowledge about its different echo systems like HDFS, Hive and HBase.


Positions of responsibility

Vice Chair at CodeChef-VIT Apr 2019-June 2020

  • Carried Chapter’s mission and vison forth.
  • Organizer for DEVSOC’20 (VIT’s largest hackathon)
  • Organizer for COOKOFF 4.0 (competitive coding)
  • Organized several Technical Workshops and events including hack-a-thons to help fellow students develop sound technical skills.
  • Played a key role in the sponsorship department of the organization.
  • Learnt team management through productive brain storming sessions to help identify and solve numerous problem issues.
  • My tenure as Vice-Chair helped me to develop leadership qualities and taught me to be open to ideas and suggestions to encourage active participation.

Coordinator for Riviera ‘2020 Dec 2020-Mar 2020

  • Worked as a member of Purchase Committee, responsible for the audits for the Riviera events.
  • Understood the workflow and chain of command.

Core-Committee member at CodeChef-VIT Dec 2017-Mar 2019

  • Was a devoted member of the technical team.
  • Developed and improved my technical skills and helped to conduct seminars for colleagues.
  • Enhanced my efficiency and boosted my profile by contributing to various other departments of the organization such as management and sponsorship.
  • Developed the right approach to communicate with distinct audiences.

Global Certifications


  • Understanding User Needs by University of Michigan - by Coursera (05/2020)
  • Machine learning 101 - by GUVI Geek Networks, IITM Research Park (03/2020)
  • Mathematics for Machine Learning: Linear Algebra - by Coursera (03/2019)
  • Cloud Computing Applications, Part 1: Cloud Systems and Infrastructure - by Coursera (10/2019)



FIFA Analysis with GCP

Project Code

An Simple End-to-End Data Engineering Project using the FIFA datasets and by utilizing tools like Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Airflow.

AirBnB Price Prediction with GCP

Project Code

• This project helps in answering the questions such as What is the seasonal pattern of Airbnb in Seattle?, What kinds of Airbnb homes are popular? and prediction of the price.

Rent-A-Gym Mobile Application

Project Code

• Built an android and IOS application where users can either borrow or lend the gym equipment as a source of passive income.

Employee Research Management

Project Code

• Employee research management system is a website built using CSS, Bootstrap, JS and PHP where the students can view the research details of the particular faculty and choose them as the guide for their final year project.

Online Survey Management

• This project is an developmenet of a survey management system to conduct, participate and manage surveys. Various tools are provided with which users can take up or create a survey, and also view the results of the surveys. The system provides a good, intuitive UI to easily create and manage a survey with effective visualization techniques.

Abandoned object detection and identification using Edge detection and YOLO.

• This is a model that can detect an abandoned object using edge detection methods and YOLO object recognition model and alert the authority to take appropriate action so that they can have a better situational awareness and quickly respond to the dangerous situations efficiently.


  • Java 5 Star in Hacker Rank (04/2020)
  • Problem Solving 5 star in Hacker Rank (05/2020)
  • CodeChef ranking- 3 star
  • Merit Certification from CBSE board for excellent performance in Board Examinations.



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